Quality Inspection (QC)

Results You Can Trust

Maintaining high quality production is our number one priority. CMS has a team of highly skilled QC engineers that provide on-site product inspection throughout production and prior to shipment. In addition to QC inspection of CMS-manufactured products, we also offer final inspection services to foreign companies that have suppliers in China but lack the capability to undergo on-site inspections.

Sustainable, Responsible

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core-value at CMS. We self-regulate our manufacturing sites to ensure our products are manufactured in compliance with the spirit of law, ethical standards and international norms. We embrace our ethical responsibility to create a positive impact through our activities on the environment, consumers, employees and communities.

CMS cooperates with reliable testing labratories that can testify to this social commitment with proper certification for your product.

Full Inspection Quality Report

Prior to shipment, products undergo a rigorous quality inspection which checks for:

      • Qualified Quantity
      • Qualified Rate
      • Defect Quantity
      • Defect Rate
      • Packaging Quality

    Packaged Quantity

We also provide picture evidence of the product, function test (if applicable), defective product details, and packaging.

    If in the rare instance it is found that the completed product does not meet agreed-upon specifications, CMS will work with the factory to arrange for reproduction. Our number one goal is to guarantee that quality standards are met before the goods leave the factory.

    A glimpse at a standard QC inspection report CMS commonly provides clients:



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