Manufacturing and New Product Development (NPD)

From design to shipment, CMS represents your interests for each step of production
Local Support

CMS is a full-service vendor. We utilize trusted sites across China, many of which hold international-standard quality certifications. Whether you are interested in sourcing from our own range of items or if you have a new idea, we can work with you in the creation of your product. No order leaves our factory without extensive quality, quantity and packaging inspection by the CMS team.

New Product Development (NPD)

Manufacturing in China requires mindful attention to all stages of production to avoid design flaws. Our sales team collaborates with our qualified sourcing engineers to ensure that production upholds quality standards set for a given project. Dan Harris of Harris & Moore describes in China Law Blog difficulties foreign clients have controlling their Chinese suppliers, noting, "the dozens of times [his] firm's clients have essentially told [him] that they have been shocked at how little help they have received from their Chinese factories on how to manufacture their products." CMS keeps clients up-to-date on the status of a given project by requiring that each step of production meet high quality standard reviews before being passed onto you for review.

Confidence and Confidentiality

CMS develops relationships with manufacturers who demonstrate a long-lasting trust. To further protect the privacy of your product, we require suppliers to committ to a Non-Disclosure Agreement that legally binds them to keep industrial secrets.

Sample English-Chinese Non-Disclosure Agreement modified on a case-by-case basis:


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